Hobo stick

Hobo stick

IR Woodcarvers

Group photo

Many of the happy faces of the Indian River Woodcarvers club.  Come on out and visit with us, have a cup of coffee and cut on some wood!

Carving Class

J Miller and friends

Carving at Art Mundo

One of the woodcarving classes held at Art Mundo and led by IR Woodcarvers own Joe Miller.

Upcoming Classes

Over the next few weeks we have some really great classes coming up.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments about the classes, costs and materials.  As always, you will be required to wear gloves and hand protection.  If you don’t have any, we have it for sale at minimal cost, so just ask.  We hope you’ll stop in, bring your gear and join us for some creative fun and fellowship!  Please note: some classes may be cancelled or delayed depending on weather and interest, and costs may be revised before the starting date.  We will make every effort to let you know in advance of any changes.

March 18: Continuation from today-March 11,  of Bob Gitter‘s feathering class.  Cost is $5.00.  Bob has some wonderful techniques to teach all of us how to create clean lines and clear feathering on birds.  If you have an interest in birds of prey, waterfowl or other bird carving, you should join this class.

Judith Suit will also be starting a multi-week pyrography class, starting on the March 18th and continuing on March 25.  She has 1 extra system if you can’t provide your own woodburner, please let her know before class time.  Judith’s classes are much in demand.  She is a true pro, and has created some of the most beautiful pieces available on the market today.  She is also offering as an option, watercoloring instruction.  Her class will cost $7.00 this time around.  Do not expect this price to hold.

March 25 and April 1st brings us the awesome hobo carving by Shirley Doney.  Shirley is going to teach us how to create  Hobo Sticks using chip carving techniques.  She is providing the basic carving stick and those who sign up in advance or who request one will be given a protective case for their carving.  Class may continue an additional week, if needed.  Cost for this class is $8.00. Please bring a pencil along with your carving gear, as you will be marking your notches before chipping them.

We are also trying to get a clay class going with Bill Weatherly.  Still waiting on costs of materials before we put this on the board.  I am aiming for March 25 start date, but it will likely be the 1st of April at this point; so class date and costs are still TBD.  Hang in there and keep an eye on this space!  I should have this posted by next week.

Bob Gitter is going to start up another class in the upcoming weeks for carving an eagle’s head walking stick.  Material costs on this will be higher, but you will have a wonderful product to use, offer for sale or to give as a gift.  Estimated class dates are March 25th or April 1st, with estimated costs around $35.00.

For those of you who may be dropping in: we are located at the Moose Lodge on 43rd in Vero Beach.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what’s next!

Welcome to the Indian River Woodcarvers Blog and Pages!

We are adding to our organizations’ growth by developing blog pages here to encourage others to join us, see what is new in our area in the realm of woodcarving and it’s related fields, and to link and network with us.  We are here to encourage and inspire others to participate in this relaxing and developing art.

Over the coming weeks, we plan to add photos of our members, results of our recent show, work images, “What’s Happening” in our classes and much more.

We would like to ask anyone in the central Florida areas, the Treasure and Space Coasts and beyond, to come and join in the fun.

Our founder, Joe Miller, brought the group together in early 2007.  Since then, the club has grown to over 100 members!  Joe currently teaching woodcarving at Art Mundo on Mondays and invites beginners and experienced alike to come and join him for some good old-fashioned fun.

Earlier this month, the IR Woodcarvers  had their second annual show.  Here is a photo of some of the works by ribboned entries there…

Photo by Connie SpicerPhoto by Connie Spicer

Top: Novice Division Winner, Relief, and Walking Sticks.  Bottom: Achievement winners, Relief and Caricature.

These are just a very few of the fine carvings that were shown.  Please come back and check out our new photos!

Upcoming classes:  Power Carving (full)        March 4 and March 11